About HereLocation: Your Relocation Service for the Bonn area

Inge Brendler

Founder and CEO

I love working with people of different nationalities. Thanks to several stays abroad in Italy, Israel, the USA and Russia, I know what it means to always have to adjust to a new environment. I have already lived and worked abroad and know the challenges of dealing with the local authorities very well. As a mother of two children, I understand the wishes and needs of parents who move internationally with their children, and know what is important when looking for suitable schools and kindergartens.

At HereLocation I make sure that we always offer the best possible solution to our clients. To make this possible, I take care of everything that comes up: apartment showings, dealing with local authorities, back office activities, customer care, acquisition and much more.

Languages: German, English, Italian, Russian

Marta Garriga-Massoni

A few years ago, I left my home in Barcelona because my husband had to move to another country for professional reasons. That’s why I know exactly what it means to settle in a completely foreign environment. Together with our two children, we moved via London, Philadelphia and Berkeley to Bonn. Here I can now use my own experience with international relocations to help other transferees with my knowledge. Working with people of different nationalities is an enrichment for me and gives me a lot of pleasure every day. In the past, I have worked with countless international teams, organized various cultural and educational events and worked with students and researchers from all over the world.
At HereLocation, as a Relocation Consultant, I am always there to help our clients to successfully relocate to Bonn.

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Catalan

Our Philosophy

With the foundation of her Relocation Service HereLocation, Inge Brendler efforts for making it as pleasant as possible for people from all over the world to get used to a foreign environment. With many years of experience in working with internationals, profound knowledge and her warm and friendly nature, she always succeeds in welcoming newcomers to Bonn and ensuring that they not only get to know their new home, but also learn to love it.

HereLocation – More personal, less expensive

HereLocation is currently the only relocation service that specialises in the Bonn region. If you are just about to be sent to Bonn, HereLocation is the right place for you. We know both the advantages and the disadvantages of the city very well and are therefore the ideal contact for international transfers to Bonn.

Last but not least, our lean corporate structures set us apart from our competitors. While with other providers you first have to fight your way through long forms, contracts and other paperwork and get in touch with constantly changing partners, HereLocation guarantees you a permanent contact partner. We work without complicated administration and elaborate bureaucratic processes and can thus guarantee the highest time and cost efficiency. With HereLocation your money is not unnecessarily stuck in complicated corporate structures, but invested directly in optimal service. HereLocation is faster, more personal and cheaper – please convince yourself of the quality of our work.