Recruiting: Job search and work permits

Would you like to live and work in Germany but don’t have a job yet? You are accompanying your partner and now also need a new position in Germany? The job search is confusing? You have difficulties with the language and don’t know what to focus on in your application?

HereLocation is your relocation service agency to find your dream job in Germany. We support you in all administrative procedures, finding a home to live and getting settled in Germany. HereLocation understands how difficult an international move can be. We are here to help you during every step of the way. We support you in finding a job for your new start in Germany. Our work begins even before you enter Germany (think formalities such as residence permit and work permit) and continues after your arrival.


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Career in Germany:  Validation process and required formalities

A new employer wants to understand what qualifications you bring to the table. Therefore, the formal recognition of your qualifications will help you find a job. A recognized professional qualification is also a prerequisite for getting an entry visa and a work permit for Germany. Therefore, official recognition procedures “translate” university degrees and vocational training from abroad into the German education system. That makes them officially certified. HereLocation guides you through these recognition procedures and assists in obtaining and professionally translating all necessary documents.

Job search

Finding your way in the German job market can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local labor market and customs. Our recruitment partners can help you understand the job market, support your job search, and assist you with job interviews. We have a broad network of partners throughout Germany in various industries who will assist in finding the right job for you.

Residence and work permit in Germany

Once you find a job, you will need a residence and work permit to live and work in Germany legally. HereLocation will help you apply for these permits, ensure you have all the necessary documents and meet the requirements.

We support you in all administrative procedures and all questions surrounding your career start in Germany.

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Language barriers and formalities

Our team helps Expats overcome language barriers and assists you with formalities at all offices. This includes registration, applying for a tax number, and registering with social security. We know how important it is to get your feet firmly on the ground in your new country.


Job placement with HereLocation – Our services at a glance

  • Job placement through recruitment companies
  • Recognition of professional qualifications
  • Support with formalities and dealing with administrative procedures
  • Assistance with job search and interviews
  • Obtaining residence and work permits


Career in Germany? We will check your CV!

We offer a check of your CV if you want to live and work in Germany and get a first insight into your chances in the German job market. Please send us your complete and gapless CV to with detailed information about your professional qualifications and work experience. We will get back to you with an estimation of your chances of receiving a work permit in Germany. This first check is totally free for you! Please include:

  • The full title of your educational institution
  • The length of your education
  • The exact title of your degree
  • Your level of German language skills
  • Your level of English language skills
  • Any other language skills


Relocation with HereLocation

HereLocation understands how difficult an international move can be. We are here to help you with every step of the way. As a full-service relocation agency, we help both companies who want to send their employees abroad, as well private individuals who want to start over in Germany. Our work begins even before you enter Germany and continues after your arrival!

Whether you want to send your employees abroad or make the decision on your own: feel free to contact us to get support in your relocation endeavors. HereLocation will help you get a comfortable fresh start in Germany.

Would you like to start a career in Germany?