HereLocation accompanies you to the local authorities


Moving to a new country always involves a lot of formalities. Specific immigration laws have to be considered and numerous official matters have to be completed. Since local authorities often have insufficient knowledge of English, communication problems are almost unavoidable.

HereLocation: Professional support in all administrative procedures

HereLocation will take care of the application for visas and work permits for you. We know the relevant laws and regulations very well, are in constant contact with local authorities and coordinate your entire immigration process professionally and on time. We provide you with detailed information on all the administrative steps you need to take for successful immigration and explain in detail which documents you need for each application. We will be happy to accompany you personally to the local authorities, thus guaranteeing a smooth process without any language problems.

Visa application

While citizens of EU member states may enter Germany freely and can even stay and work here for a longer period of time, members of third countries must apply for a visa for this purpose. We advise you which visa is the right one for you and organize all necessary steps for a quick and smooth application. We will be pleased to organise the necessary administrative procedures for you and help you to fill in all the required application documents.


Registering your place of residence

Anyone who moves into an apartment in Germany must register it local authorities. The registration should be made immediately, especially for non-EU citizens, as the work and residence permits depend to a large extent on the registration at the Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt). The registration certificate is required for many other applications.

If your apartment search has not yet been successful, we advise you to look for temporary housing in a furnished apartment. In contrast to hostels and Airbnb apartments, this place of residence can be registered and can thus considerably speed up the necessary administrative processes. Once you have found your dream apartment, all you need to do is re-register.

We will make an appointment for you at the Registration Office, advise you on the necessary documents and answer any further questions you may have. We will be happy to accompany you personally to your appointment with the local autorities in order to prevent any language barriers.


Application for work and residence permits

As soon as you are registered at your city, you can apply for your work and residence permit at the Immigration Office (Ausländeramt). Please note that the application for a residence permit must be made within the validity period of your visa. Since appointments at the Immigration Office and at the Registration Office are often rare, you should take care of these formalities as early as possible. Leave this task to us in order to guarantee that you will not miss any deadlines and that all administrative tasks will be completed on time.


Other official matters

Recognition of documents, registration of pets, an appointment at the embassy… there are many different administrative procedures connected with the expatriation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in dealing with authorities that are not mentioned above. HereLocation helps you wherever possible!


Formalities and official matters: Our relocation services at a glance

  • Visa application
  • Registration at the Registration Office
  • Application for a work permit and residence permit at the Immigration Office
  • Recognition of documents
  • and much more


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