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Servus! You are planning a relocation to Munich? Then HereLocation is exactly the right contact for you. With motivation and the necessary know-how, we are at your side to make your move to Munich as pleasant as possible. Our services range from applying for a visa, helping with settling in, up to departure services.

We offer our services throughout Germany. Since these also include help with home finding, we offer valuable support, especially when relocating to Munich. After all, finding a flat in the Bavarian capital is anything but easy.

You are about to relocate to Munich?

Munich – more than just Weißwurst and beer

When thinking of Munich, one often thinks of the difficult housing market, football, the Alps, Weißwurst and the Oktoberfest. But the Bavarian capital has much more to offer. It is not without reason that the housing market is so competitive. Munich is the third largest city in Germany. People are drawn here for much more than just white sausages.

Just like any large city, Munich has a rich cultural offering. Museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas delight every culture lover. Munich is also famous for football. The Allianz Arena, for example, regularly fills up for FC Bayern football tournaments. But football is not the only popular sport in Munich. The Olympic Park continues to be used for various sports, while experienced surfers practice surfing on the Isar.

Quite a few companies have their headquarters in Bavaria’s capital. One of the most famous companies is the so-called BMW Group. Our relocation services are often used by companies to help their employees move to a new city. This is also the case for Munich, Germany’s most economically powerful city with the lowest unemployment rate.

But Munich has many faces! The Oktoberfest has been showing the world how to party properly for decades. The Wiesn enjoys such fame that people from all over the world annually flock to the Oktoberfest, dressed in their lederhosen and dirndls and indulge in the mugs of beer. Even though Munich is much more than just beer, Weißwurst and pretzels, the latter are still an important part of Munich’s culture.

Moreover, Munich also enchants with its landscape. The English Garden, for example, is one of the largest city parks in the world. And for hiking enthusiasts, the Alps are never far away. Whether by car or public transport, you can get to the mountains in no time. If you have trouble moving your car or applying for a driving license, we are happy to help.

Munich’s housing market

At 19.37 euros per square metre, Munich is currently the most expensive city in Germany in terms of rents. Thus, many dread looking for a flat here, because it often seems hopeless to find a cheap flat that at least meets the necessary basic requirements.

For this reason in particular, it is sensible to use our services for a relocation to Munich. We do not only take your requirements and budget for a rental property into account, but also offer you a choice of five different flats as part of our basic package.

HereLocation for companies and private individuals

Our services are aimed at both companies and private individuals. It is not uncommon for not just one person to move, but the whole family. In this case, we do not only offer your partner support in finding a suitable job, but also help choosing the best possible childcare options for your children.


Relocation Services from HereLocation for Munich

HereLocation for your relocation to Munich

We are at your side throughout the entire process and support you with any challenges that may arise. We want you to have a pleasant and relaxed move and start in Munich.

If HereLocation has aroused your interest, we look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime, we say: Servus! (In Bavarian this can mean hello and goodbye).

Relocation to Munich with HereLocation