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You want to move to Bonn and could use some help? Then HereLocation is exactly the right contact. Finding an accommodation, visa, insurance, registration and childcare are just a few of the challenges you will face when relocating to Bonn.

As a relocation service from and for Bonn, we handle the entire organisation of your international transfer to Bonn and ensure a successful relocation to the former German capital. Furthermore, our service applies throughout several further German cities.

You are about to relocate to Bonn?

Bonn: A new start in the former German capital

As one of the most traditional cities on the Rhine, Bonn is a popular place to live for both young and old. Located in the centre of Germany, Bonn, a city of about 300,000 inhabitants, offers a high quality of life with numerous cultural, shopping and leisure opportunities. From Sunday strolls through the sites of the former capital, to leisure and water sports activities on the Rhine or nightlife in the old town or in nearby Cologne. Everyone gets their money’s worth in this metropolitan area.

As the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and the centre of political activity, Bonn’s cityscape is still characterised by time-honoured buildings. Ludwig van Beethoven is also still omnipresent in Bonn, the city of his birth: From the monument in the city centre to cultural events such as the annual Beethoven festival.

The climate in this city on the Rhine is milder than in many other places in Germany. In summer, the banks of the Rhine seem reminiscent of Mediterranean holidays. In addition to the impressive landscape, Bonn has the charm of a medium-sized city – without hustle and bustle and yet right in the middle of the action.

Bonn is not only a popular place to live for private individuals but is also considered an attractive location for employers. Whether large, medium-sized or small companies – numerous well-known firms have settled in Bonn. To date, six federal ministries also have their headquarters and eight others have their second official residence in the charming city near the Rhine. Furthermore, Bonn is the seat of the United Nations in Germany and is internationally known for the renowned Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms university.

Last but not least, the city of Bonn is HereLocation’s main location – which makes us the ideal contact for the relocation to Bonn. Due to its attractiveness as a residential and business location, the housing market in Bonn is hotly contested and official matters also require a certain organisational talent. This is where HereLocation comes into play. We ensure you a relaxed start in Bonn.

Relocation Service Bonn for companies

We offer extensive relocation services in Bonn and the surrounding area. Our offer is aimed at people who are leaving their home country for an indefinite or definite period of time for professional or private reasons and are relocating to Bonn.

HereLocation helps companies with the onboarding of their international employees in Bonn. With individual solutions, we plan and coordinate the entire on-boarding process for your employees. We take care of all the paperwork, help with finding accommodation in Bonn, find the right daycare for the children and help with the partner’s job search. This way, your new employees can start their new job carefree and relaxed and have a contact person on site for all matters.

As a relocation service in Bonn, we offer both large companies and smaller businesses a worry-free service for the transfer of staff. In doing so, we adapt the services individually to your needs and also offer complete packages for a smooth relocation including all challenges. We will be happy to advise you on our services for relocation in Bonn and surrounding cities. We are also available for you throughout Germany.

In the article “What can cooperation with a Relocation Agency look like?” we provide information on everything companies need to know about relocating international transferees with the help of an agency.

Relocation to Bonn for private individuals

Private individuals also benefit from our extensive services, including dealing with authorities and insurance to residence permits and finding accommodation. We therefore also offer our relocation services in Bonn for private individuals.

We support you from the very beginning in planning and organizing your new start in Bonn. You will benefit from our insider tips and long-standing contacts, not least when it comes to finding accommodation. In addition, we take care of educational and recreational opportunities for your children, help you find a job and make your new start as pleasant as possible.


Relocation Services from HereLocation for Bonn

Relocation Bonn – HereLocation is there for you

Do you need quick help from a professional relocation company for the onboarding of international transferees in Bonn? Or would you as a private individual like to hand over the organisation of your new start in Bonn to a professional? Then don’t hesitate and contact us today – for the perfect start into a new phase of life in Bonn.

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