Relocation to Cologne and Düsseldorf

You would like to move to one of the big cities on the Rhine? For a relocation to Cologne or Düsseldorf we are exactly the right contact. HereLocation supports you with the international transfer to your new home. As part of our services, we at HereLocation are at your side throughout the entire process. Our services even begin before your actual move. That is for instance in the form of home finding and application for a visa.

Whether you are moving alone or with your whole family, we offer something for every situation. We believe that your partner and your children should also have a good start in Cologne or Düsseldorf. That’s why we offer to help with your partner’s job search as well as with finding a suitable childcare facility or school for your children.

You are about to relocate to Cologne or Düsseldorf?

Cologne: the city on the Rhine

Cologne – or “Kölle”, as the city’s inhabitants affectionately call it – has many impressive features. First and foremost the Cologne Cathedral. Many companies are also based in the city, as Cologne is a popular trade fair location. Whether you work in the automotive industry, in media or in sales, Cologne has a strong company for almost every sector.

That is why employees of a company often use our relocation services for a move to Cologne. It is not uncommon for employees to move to a new city as part of their job. Whether you have to take your relocation into your own hands or whether you as a company want to use our services for the relocation of your employees – we are there to help.

Cologne also has a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. There is something for everyone! In addition to cinemas, museums and restaurants, which can be found in every larger city, the city on the Rhine is also home to the football club 1. FC Köln, which you can cheer on at a home game. You can also visit one of the events in the LANXESS Arena.

Moreover, in Cologne one must of course not forget the carnival and the beer “Kölsch”. Both have a long tradition there and are regarded with great pride by the people of Cologne. So when relocating to Cologne, you should definitely be prepared for the fact that on the 11-11 the city celebrates, because that is when its “fifth season” begins.

Düsseldorf – the metropolis of NRW

Düsseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city is considered an important economic centre and is home to many large companies. It is also known for its shopping mile, the Königsallee. The ‘Kö’ makes every shopping enthusiast’s heart beat faster. A multitude of internationally renowned brands meet in Düsseldorf’s city centre.

The metropolis on the Rhine is an important cultural centre and the influence of the Düsseldorf Art Academy is evident in the form of numerous cultural offerings in the city. In addition to the academy, Düsseldorf is home to 21 other universities. For this reason, the city is highly regarded in the fields of research and education. This makes it interesting not least for international students, but unfortunately the rent prices are also very high.

The rents in Düsseldorf are considered to be above average. That’s why it’s worth taking advantage of our support in finding a flat as part of your relocation service to Düsseldorf. In our basic package, we offer you five flat viewings, which we organise for you. You should merely be present for the viewing itself – but whether live on site or during a video call is completely up to you. With HereLocation nothing stands in the way of a relaxed start in Düsseldorf!

Last but not least, the city is also popular for its green spaces and parks. Many Düsseldorf residents love the fact that such a large city offers so many opportunities to relax in nature or simply take a stroll along the Rhine.

HereLocation for companies and private individuals

Our relocation service for Cologne and Düsseldorf can be booked by companies as well as private individuals. In addition to the services already mentioned, we also offer, among other things, help with orientation as well as with arriving and settling in the new city. Companies profit from our services in the way that their employees can quickly start their daily work routine without any complications. Private individuals benefit from feeling at home in the respective foreign city as quickly as possible.


Relocation for private individuals

Private individuals can also make use of our services. Whether you have to take care of your job-related move yourself or something else is driving you to Hamburg or Hanover, we are here to help. We also offer support when it comes to finding suitable educational institutions or childcare options for your children.


HereLocation Relocation Services for Cologne and Düsseldorf

Relocation to Cologne and Düsseldorf with HereLocation

With our services we strive to support you in the best possible way during a relocation to Düsseldorf or Cologne. Our services range from your arrival to a possible departure and we are also happy to help with other organizational difficulties such as the transfer of your car or leasing a new car. Contact us today for a smooth relocation to Cologne or Düsseldorf!

Relocation to Cologne and Düsseldorf with HereLocation