Change of scene: Relocation within Germany


Relocation – just a fancy term for “moving”? 


It’s not quite that simple! A classic moving company may spare you the burden of hauling boxes and furniture, but the good old bureaucracy often weighs heavier than expected. Residents’ registration office or citizens’ service? The tax office, district office, or city council, who is responsible again? And the car? The new school? The new apartment? Contracts, insurances, electricity providers: register, change or cancel? Weren’t there also notice periods? And who will organize the furniture transport? 

With all these questions – and more – a relocation service is at your side with help and advice.


Relocationsercive – only for international skilled workers? 


Whether for the job, partner, family, or simply a change of scenery – there are many reasons to move within Germany. However, planning and organization are often at the top of the counter-list. Many people shy away from the effort involved in a move and miss out on opportunities: the dream job, the dream house, more closeness to the family, or taking on a personal challenge.

Apart from visas and work permits, moving within Germany involves just as much organization as moving from abroad. Authorities, car, work, apartment, school, arriving in the new city, furniture transport, new furnishings, and, and, and. A relocation service takes care of all these steps. Precisely tailored to individual needs, a relocation service removes the biggest obstacles. 


Relocation service – only for young professionals? 


On the contrary! Young, still unattached professionals often find it easier to relocate, are more flexible, or stay only temporarily. 

But what if you don’t have the technical know-how to find your way around the Internet or the local flexibility to visit various authorities yourself? What if an apartment is to be purchased in which renovations are still pending? Or if it needs to be adapted to special needs? What if the new occupants place particular emphasis on furnishings and fixtures? Having to coordinate these details from a distance predisposes to stress and mishaps. A relocation service can handle all of this easily and personally on-site. Then, when you arrive, all you have to do is hang your clothes in the closet – we’ve already taken care of everything else. 


Offer a relocation service – this is how you recruit employees! 


Setting off to a new city for a new job with bag and baggage requires several months of intensive organization and sometimes pure stress – starting with deciding whether the new job is worth it all. Take this decision off your future employees’ shoulders and make this nerve-racking time easier for them: offering a relocation service will surely attract more professionals from within the country! 


Do not hesitate to contact us; we are here for you! You can find more information about our Germany-wide service here