#Generation Z – mobility revolution in working life?


Each generation is slowly but steadily replaced by the next – and with it the respective qualifications and perspectives in working life. Therefore, when planning for your company’s future, it is essential to keep these changes in mind.




Generation X still dominates senior leadership teams, but now 50% of the workforce includes Millennials (born 1981 – 1996). The most significant change this generation is bringing to the job market is job-hopping. If a career change opens up, they go for it. Corporate loyalty is giving way to new values: diversity and flexible work schedules are attracting Millennials to new companies.





This new flexibility of time and place made possible by advancing technologization is important to Millennials, but Generation Z knows no different. Born between 1997 and 2015 (ages 6 to 24), Generation Z has grown up with technology – smartphones, social media, online shopping, and instant messaging have been part of their lives from the beginning. So these young people bring never-before-seen values and expectations to the workplace.


Focus on work


While Millennials are still cutting back on careers in favor of work-life balance, surveys show 65% of Generation Z feel pressure to gain work experience while still in school. 75% are more concerned about jobs and careers than finding the love of their lives. In short, work is the focus for Generation Z.


High on the list are mid-sized companies with opportunities for advancement, competitive salaries, a respectable boss. They expect variety and diversity and bring a high willingness to work, 67% even willing to relocate for the job.


In the battle for well-trained specialists, companies already have to orient themselves to these values if they want to ensure the continued existence of their company. But it is precisely the flexibility and mobility of the new generation that represents an opportunity for many companies in the highly competitive labor market. Skilled workers from all over the world are ready to come if they are given the right incentives. Last but not least, this also includes providing the right assistance when they move. A successful start is the first step toward a long-term working relationship. In addition, the kind of relocation support for new employees also expresses an appreciation that is particularly important to the new generation.


Mobility of the future


Increasing technologization spreads a sense of impersonality among older generations. On the other hand, Generation Z has an unprecedented focus on individualized communication in the digital world. They seek high-touch and offer high-tech. Great individual flexibility and high job value will reshape future mobility programs and give relocation services a high relevance in corporate planning.


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