German flat hunt made easy 


Are you dreaming of sipping coffee in a charming Berlin café, hiking through the Bavarian Alps, or immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Cologne? Germany is a land of dreams, but when it comes to finding that perfect flat, the reality can be a little harsher.


The Great Flat Frenzy

Germany, the land of poets and thinkers, is experiencing a shortage of flats for rent in its bustling cities. The demand is sky-high, and competition is fierce. In big cities like Berlin, Cologne, or Hamburg, there can be hundreds of applicants for one flat, and the search can take months. The search for your new German home can sometimes feel like a quest for the Holy Grail, especially if you’re a foreigner or currently residing outside Germany. Most landlords prefer to meet in person before choosing their future tenants. 


Why is this happening? 

According to experts, we would need to build 400.00 new flats per year – a big number that’s not currently being translated into reality. Investment policies have changed, and big parts of public housing have been bought by big investors who are renovating and modernizing the flats but also driving up the rents. Many private investors exclusively rent out their apartments to tourists for even higher prices. Since the pandemic, building materials have become increasingly expensive or even hard to come by. Building in accordance with many of the new climate standards also makes it a more costly enterprise. 


Online Odyssey

The online journey is no less of an adventure. From the labyrinth of websites to the never-ending forms and applications, getting lost in the digital jungle is easy. And just when you think you’ve found ‘the one,’ the price tag gives you pause. It’s no secret that the cost of renting in Germany’s major cities can be eye-wateringly high.


Lost in Translation

Picture this: You’re scrolling through online platforms, trying to decipher German property listings. The struggle to get in touch with realtors leaves you feeling trapped in a maze. Many landlords are afraid of complications if you don’t yet speak the language and won’t even reply to requests in English or faulty attempts in German. It’s not just about finding a flat; it’s about overcoming language barriers and navigating the intricacies of the German housing market. 


The Solution: A Relocation Service 

But here’s the silver lining: There’s an easier, smarter, and safer way to secure your flat in Germany. The secret is a relocation service!


Why Choose a Relocation Service?

  • Insider Knowledge: Our experts have the inside scoop on the housing market. They know which neighborhoods are hot and which ones are not.
  • Seamless Communication: Say goodbye to language barriers. We’ll be your language bridge, ensuring you never miss out on a great property because of a misplaced Umlaut.
  • Price-Tag Peace of Mind: We’ll help you find the best deal, ensuring you’re not overpaying for your dream space.
  • Less Hassle, More Time: Moving is stressful, but we’ll handle the logistics so you can focus on planning your German adventure.


Embrace the Adventure

Relocating to Germany is an adventure of a lifetime, and your flat hunt should be an exciting chapter, not a frustrating saga. Our relocation service will make your journey smoother, your choices wiser, and your memories unforgettable.

So, why waste time and energy on a flat-finding odyssey? Let us be your guide and your ticket to your new German home sweet home. Do not hesitate to contact us; we are here for you! You can find more information about our Germany-wide service here.