From tourist to local in no time


Almost everyone who has ever lived or traveled abroad can tell a story about getting “ripped off.” Between excitement and uncertainty in a foreign place, getting hustled happens easily if you don’t know the local customs. Many street vendors, cab drivers, and restaurant operators have their tricks. But also with landlords, providers of leisure activities, car and bicycle dealers, you can sometimes fall for a too tempting offer.



Local Insider tips


Those who have had bad experiences will be more cautious in the future. However, no one should let the fear of falling for another scam spoil their curiosity and desire to explore! This is where a relocation consultant comes in: a local expert and trusted advisor who helps newcomers avoid falling into tourist traps.



Bureaucracy and sightseeing


Relocation services offer help with all the official procedures and formalities, such as visas, housing search, and driver’s licenses. They also assist with school selection for children and career opportunities for partners. In addition, a relocation consultant facilitates leisure interests and social life integration.

Those new to an area will start looking for like-minded people: sports and music clubs, groups that share hobbies. Paid courses can be found easily on the Internet, but smaller local groups are often hard to track down.

When exploring new surroundings, one is often promised “exclusive” experiences. Locals, however, know how to enjoy the area’s attractions without spending more money than necessary. Again, a relocation consultant can provide insider info!



Networking and settling in


In addition, many cities or companies offer local networking events. People in the same stage of life or industry can socialize and exchange ideas, both privately and professionally. These offerings can range from an after-work beer to a sightseeing excursion.

So with a few simple tips and contacts, a relocation consultant can help you quickly gain a sense of home in your new country. You learn where to be careful in the new city, and where you can easily make new friends.


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