Moving abroad with children: how to move successfully with the family

Moving with the family is exciting enough. If the move goes abroad, the tension is even higher. Attractive job offers are usually the reason why families with children decide to move to another country. If the children are still young, they must accompany their parents – whether they like it or not. There is of course great concern about whether the youngsters can cope well with the change to a completely new, unfamiliar environment and settle in quickly. We’ll tell you 6 tips that will help you make the move with the whole family a success.

Relocation to Germany with the family

If a family moves abroad because of new professional challenges, there is a great desire to move to a child-friendly country. In Germany, Expats find great conditions to bring up their children. Young people in Germany not only benefit from an excellent education and health care system, but also from high safety standards and numerous financial benefits for parents with children. In addition to child benefit, international transferees particularly appreciate maternity protection and parental leave. For many mothers from third countries, the idea of being paid to stay at home to look after their offspring is almost too good to be true. Older children, in particular, are often initially opposed to the international move despite the many advantages. Having to leave their usual environment, their friends and acquaintances and having to start from scratch in a foreign country is hard and might trigger great fears in many children.

Tip 1: Talk to the kids

You should be open and honest with your children and inform them promptly about the upcoming move. Show yourself confident and let your kids know that there are many positive things about the move. Nevertheless, keep an open ear for the worries and fears of your children and talk calmly about the upcoming innovations. Small children who do not yet fully understand what to expect can be carefully prepared for everything to come with special children’s books on the subject of moving.

Tip 2: Create curiosity about Germany

It also helps to create the children’s curiosity about the unknown country. Find out together with your children about your host country and research which leisure activities are available close to your future place of residence. If it makes sense, you can also take an orientation tour on-site before the actual move. HereLocation offers orientation tours through Bonn, in which you can also take part with the whole family. So the anticipation is even greater.

Tip 3: Include children in the move

If children can take an active part in the relocation process, they are relieved of many uncertainties. Depending on their age, you can have your children help you pack the moving boxes. Motivate your children to stow their own toys and clothes in order to be able to actively influence which things are available directly at the destination and which will be shipped and therefore will arrive later. Stability and routine are very important, especially for small children. Therefore, once you have arrived in the new city, set up the children’s room first to ensure that the kids can settle in quickly and feel at home as soon as possible.

Tip 4: Make new contacts

Social contacts make it easier to get used to a foreign environment. Therefore, you should set a good example for your children and actively seek contact with neighbors and other parents. Young children, in particular, find it easy to make new friends. In addition to contacts to peers in schools and kindergartens, playground visits and hobbies also offer good opportunities to network with other parents and children.

Tip 5: Find suitable schools and kindergartens

Choosing suitable educational institutions is a big decision when moving with the family. Depending on how old your child is, you have to register him or her at school or kindergarten. The German education system enjoys a good international reputation. You can register your child in a public school or kindergarten with a clear conscience. However, always consider the possible return to your home country. From this perspective, visiting an international school or an international kindergarten is also an option. HereLocation is happy to help you find a suitable educational institution. Our experts are mothers themselves and know the fears and worries of Expats with children very well.

Tip 6: Learn German

Smaller children who are still working on their language skills adapt very easily to a foreign language. But also older children usually learn German quickly at school and when playing with their peers. Nevertheless, it cannot hurt to take an additional language course. There are many offers that are tailored to the special needs of children and adolescents and that make learning German particularly fun and child-friendly in playful practical exercises. HereLocation is available at any time to help you find suitable language courses or private tutors. Feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about our extensive range of services for moving with the family. We look forward to your inquiry!