How-to: Recruiting skilled workers from abroad


In the course of a survey conducted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in 2021, more than 70% of companies stated that it is difficult or even very difficult for them to find sufficiently qualified employees.

In addition, the immigration rate dropped sharply during the Corona crisis. As a result, many positions that skilled workers from abroad usually fill remain unfilled.

However, 57% of all employees worldwide say that they would be prepared to work for an employer abroad. Germany ranks as the 4th most popular place to work. So take action and recruit new employees from abroad!




What are skilled workers?


All those employees are classified as skilled workers who have completed vocational training beyond the regular school-leaving certificate.




What is a shortage of skilled workers?


The phenomenon is understood to mean a significant discrepancy between supply and demand. In other words, specific positions cannot be filled because there are not enough people available with the appropriate qualifications.


  • Skill shortage
    In a so-called skill shortage, there is an actual shortage of qualified workers. Many jobs remain unfilled because there are not enough people who have completed education or training in the relevant area.


  • Skill Mismatch
    Skill mismatch occurs when enough workers are available, but their qualifications do not match the existing jobs – they are under-or over-qualified.





How can I recruit skilled workers from abroad?


The Corona pandemic has forced many companies to rethink their approach. The shift to remote recruiting and remote work has created new opportunities in recruiting.


  • Research
    Define your job profile and search specifically for countries of origin:
    Are there countries where there are many skilled workers in your area?
    Do you perhaps already have relationships or personal contacts with foreign business partners that you could use?
    What about the skills of the workforce from the relevant countries of origin?
    Do they need specific (language) skills?


  • Networking
    In addition to large online job exchanges and social networks, skilled workers primarily use niche platforms specializing in their industry. Be present on these as well by posting job ads. Establish contacts via national job boards specifically for foreign professionals, international job boards, or directly via the EURES network (job placement within the EU).


  • Active Sourcing
    Be active in social networks and contact the desired candidates directly instead of waiting for applications.


  • Online presence
    Invest in your image online and build a sustainable employer brand. Present yourself worldwide as an authentic employer.




How do you attract international professionals?


Recruiting professionals from abroad usually involves more effort. Therefore, companies should plan to make the transfer as pleasant as possible for the new employees.


  • Digital procedures
    In the application process, those companies that have already digitized their processes have an advantage.

    Offer video interviews:
    The advantages here are clear: virtual interviews are much easier to organize, take less time, and can be conducted entirely independently of location.

    Make the application process fast and efficient:
    According to surveys, professionals want straightforward one-click applications, initial feedback after seven days, and an ideal time-to-hire of no more than 21 days. Therefore, you can do without complicated application forms, time-consuming assessments, or multiple rounds of interviews.


  • Create incentives
    The easier the transfer to Germany – and thus to your company – is for international professionals, the greater the chance they will accept your job offer.
    Offer a relocation service: By using a relocation service, you enable a smooth move to Germany. This significantly lowers the organizational barrier to moving to another country with a family.




How do I make the transfer as easy as possible?


Once you find your new employee, a move is imminent.

Our relocation consultants support your employees in reorganizing all aspects of their lives. Our services include dealing with the authorities, finding an apartment, transferring driver’s licenses and diplomas. We also accompany the newcomers step by step in their search for childcare facilities and career opportunities for their partners.

This way they can look forward to the new country and job without stress.



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