Key Strategies to Attract and Relocate Qualified Healthcare Professionals

Top-quality healthcare professionals are in worldwide demand – and a successful recruitment and relocation program is essential if you wish to bring the best candidates to your location.
The key to success lies in helping potential applicants overcome the fears and challenges of a move, in speaking directly to their individual interests, and in promoting the unique features of your region. With that in mind, the best approach includes the following important steps:




Comparing only a dollar amount or salary can make competing in the global healthcare market a challenge – but most professionals place high importance on the quality of life as well. Germany’s wages may not be the top available in Europe. But when you consider them in the context of a very reasonable cost of living (groceries, rent, etc.), the national education system, efficient public transit, and truly affordable “luxuries “(such as eating in a restaurant or attending a cultural event) a value versus dollar approach becomes the key to attracting candidates.




The next important step is to detail what living in your local community is like. Offer information and assistance from insiders on real estate options, schools, sporting and recreational opportunities and everyday life in your location. What makes your region especially attractive? Perhaps the beautiful old buildings, the amount of green space, and the landscape of daycare options and schools with individual orientations. This will make your offer more appealing as well as demonstrate that you place importance on work-life balance.




Next, it is important to make an offer that considers and meets as many of the individual needs of your applicant as possible. Can you make it possible for a relocating employee to set their own most convenient start date or work remotely or part-time during the first weeks? Do they need help with temporary or permanent housing because of language and/or market unfamiliarity? Settling in somewhere new is a huge process, especially if a family is involved. Individual scheduling solutions and flexibility can provide much-needed relief during the relocation. Of course, anything that makes the transition go smoothly and will help – but a supportive team and personal attention might be deciding factors for the most qualified healthcare professionals. A relocation company specific to your town can make all the difference.  




Finally, you must show your potential and arriving candidates a warm welcome! Have a local guide take them under their wing and show them around. This mentor can point out all the great spots and answer all the questions your potential recruit will have about everything from schools, transport to banking and fun weekend activities. The applicant must be able to imagine themselves actually living in the new location and how their day-to-day life will look. If you can, offer some time for them to explore the area and suggest local attractions they might be interested in.

A successful recruitment and relocation strategy for healthcare professionals need a specific approach. And each time you manage to address a candidate’s values, you will not only recruit more successfully in the future, but you will be a favored employer with an excellent reputation. Your reward will be the ability to retain those sought-after applicants and find more talent more readily.

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