Time, money, nerves – What does a move to Germany cost?


Moving to a new country is undoubtedly exciting – but also stressful. From the immigration process to finding an apartment and a place at daycare – the numerous hurdles are time-consuming and nerve-wracking. It’s no secret that moving requires careful planning and organization. You may want to take everything into your own hands and save the costs for professional support. If so, here is an overview of the expenses you will face as an individual or couple when moving to a major German city.


Costs in Euro


  • 500-1500 € Airline tickets, including luggage
  • 300-600 € Immigration Phase 1 (before entry) for certified copies, translations, and professional recognition
  • 100-200 € Immigration Phase 2 (after entry)
  • 1200-2000 € temporary accommodation for one month
  • 49 € per month public transportation ticket
  • 300-400 € per month food costs


Cost of a rental apartment with 1-2 rooms:

  • 1200-1800 € per month rent (warm), depending on city and location
  • 1500 € furniture (second hand, without a kitchen!)
  • 3600 – 5400 € deposit (3 months rent), payable before the beginning of the rental period



Costs in time and stress


Even if these expenses seem manageable – don’t underestimate the countless hours and nerves it takes to calculate and coordinate every step of the move yourself. If you still need to learn German, there is also the language barrier of personal appointments, emails, phone calls, and internet research.


Here is an estimate of how much time you should expect to spend:

  • 20-30 hours researching immigration steps
  • 90-120 hours of apartment hunting with research, in-person appointments, and negotiations
  • 15 hours of coordination with offices, people, service providers, etc.
  • 10+ hours translating German texts so you understand what needs to be done
  • 20 hours school search
  • 60 hours kindergarten place search (waiting time is 6-9 months)
  • 10 hours of insurance search


Remember that you have to do these things on top of your work.



The solution


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Now imagine a different scenario where your move isn’t a hassle. One in which you hand off these time-consuming and overwhelming tasks to a dedicated relocation service. You will then have the following advantages:



A relocation service will take care of all the necessary research, scheduling, and coordination tasks, so you can focus on other aspects of your move or simply relax.



Relocation Service Providers have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, ensuring that you receive the best advice and support throughout the relocation process.


Stress Management

Moving to a new country is very upsetting in itself. With a relocation service, you can avoid much of the organizational stress. Start your new phase of life with ease and serenity.


Cost efficiency

An experienced and well-connected relocation service will help you find cost-effective solutions, negotiate better deals and avoid unnecessary expenses.



We know what it takes to make it in Germany. The mental and emotional strain, the financial investment. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. Life can be easier, and the move a beautiful adventure. Let our experts handle the intricate details while you focus on a smooth transition to your new life.

Do not hesitate to contact us; we are here for you! You can find more information about our Germany-wide service here