FAQs: Relocation Services from HereLocation

1) Does HereLocation offer its relocation services only in Germany or does the company also support customers abroad?

HereLocation generally acts directly in German cities. Social media also enable us to communicate with clients worldwide in a simple and uncomplicated way. We are available for our customers via Facebook and Whatsapp at any time. In addition, arrange showings of the properties via video call, so that you do not even have to be there personally to find a place to stay in your future home town.

2) Is HereLocation's offer exclusively aimed at international transfers or can I also make use of your services if I move within Germany?

HereLocation is specialized in international relocation services. But you are also very welcome if you need help with your move within Germany

3) Is there a difference between a removal company and a relocation service?

Indeed there is. While a removal company only takes over the professional realisation of your removal including the installation of the furniture systems, the services of a relocation service exceed those of a removal company by far. You could say that the removal company takes care of the safe relocation of your belongings, while we focus on your own well-being. We accompany you on your appointments with local authorities, advise you on insurance issues and help you find accommodation and school. If you wish, we can also hire a removal company for you to carry out your removal in a professional manner.

4) How far in advance should I contact a relocation service?

It is best to contact a relocation service about three months before your move. This is partly due to the fact that the cancellation period for apartments is usually three months. As the situation on the housing market in many German cities is quite tense, it is also a good idea to start looking for accommodation early, so you can enter your new job relaxed and without any stress.

5) What costs will I have to pay?

With HereLocation, individual services are billed as a lump sum (e.g. visits to authorities), others are billed individually. This has to do with the fact that every move is different and that the amount of work we do cannot be lumped together. We will prepare an individual offer for you that is adapted to your personal needs.

6) Does HereLocation offer international relocation services or are certain countries excluded from these services?

HereLocation is not limited to specific countries. Our clients come from all over the world and speak all possible languages. We can provide our services to people from EU member states as well as from non-European countries such as Belarus, Japan, Mexico and India.

7) Do I also have to pay if I have not found a flat after the apartment visits?

Yes. But it’s very unlikely that this will happen as you have a job and a fixed income.

8) How can I book an additional showing?

If it should happen that you can’t find an apartment, you can book individual apartment visits as well. You book a basic package with us, which already includes five showings of properties. If you need more to find your dream apartment, you can also book single showings individually, you do not have to book a package with five showings again. This service sets us apart from most of our competitors.

9) What happens if I have to cancel an apartment visit at short notice?

In Germany, great importance is attached to punctuality and reliability. Therefore it is in your own interest to appear punctually to showings of properties. If you cancel an apartment visit with us up to twelve hours before the appointment, we will not charge you for it.

10) What happens if I have to cancel an appointment with local authorities at short notice?

We advise you to make sure you attend appointments with the authorities when you have made them. The waiting times can be very long and can even take several weeks. Since your visa will only last for three months, it is important to complete all the paperwork within this period. Please note that you must already be registered as a resident in your new city in order to apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Office. For this appointment, you have to wait 4-6 weeks. If you don’t attend to this as planned and have to wait several weeks again for a new appointment, it could happen that you are not able register at the Immigration Office in time. It is therefore in your own interest to make sure, especially concerning formailities, that you are able to arrive on time and are not prevented from doing so.