New Mindset in Recruiting: The “War for Talents”



The times in which applicants made every effort to find a rare job offer have changed. The “war for talents,” the competition for qualified employees, has already reached many industries.

Skilled workers are well qualified and know their value, and the demands placed on future employers are correspondingly high.

To attract new employees and retain them in the long term, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to present themselves as attractive employers. The employer also applies to talents and not just the other way around.

New strategies in recruiting


Surveys have shown that 60 percent of companies see staff shortages as the most significant business risk. 86 percent of all companies worldwide expect the need for new employees to remain at the same level or even grow in the coming years. That makes recruiting increasingly important.

Only those who succeed in attracting attention will stand out from the crowd and be able to attract new, high-quality employees – the most essential resource of all.

Here, Employer Branding comes into play: The employer must establish a brand in order to increase recognition and market awareness – even internationally. Recruiting foreign talents is essential for many companies to meet the demand for skilled workers and ensure their long-term success.

Recruiting international skilled workers


With the Skilled Worker Immigration Act, the German government has set the course: since March 1, 2020, companies have been able to recruit skilled workers from third countries more easily and quickly.


A vital factor thereby is a holistic approach to the recruiting process. For foreign skilled workers, holistic means that you support their operational and social integration after the new employees have arrived in Germany.

What is employer branding?


Many people think of a pretty logo and a modern website when it comes to marketing. But “branding,” the development of a brand, goes deeper: branding should arouse emotions and build a connection with customers. Branded products are more than objects; they stand for shared ideals.


This concept can also be applied to developing an “employer brand.” By arousing emotions, you can create a deeper connection with your candidates. Your employees want to identify with the idea behind the company. That’s what sets top employers apart from the crowd. And what could be more emotional than turning your whole life around and taking a new job abroad?

Why is strong branding important in recruiting?


A well-known and authentic employer brand increases employer attractiveness: the pull you have on applicants and potential future employees. And that’s what matters in recruiting: The greater your appeal, the greater your advantage in the competition for talents.

Internal attractiveness


People who enjoy going to work and feel connected to the company also bring a high level of motivation and loyalty. One in two companies worldwide sees this bond with the employer as a key factor in successful HR management. And who would move to another country for a company in which they don’t believe?

External attractiveness


How is the company perceived from the outside? What values and goals does it present to the public? What does it use to attract new employees – also abroad?

Key questions


Through successful employer branding, you create motivations for job seekers to apply to your company. Answer the following questions:

What do you stand for?


We all want a meaningful life. Employees want to stand behind what they do every day. Define clear values: people with the same goals will see meaning in your company and see themselves as more than just employees.

How convincing are you?


If you are authentic and stand behind your mission with actions, you will attract the right talents.

What value do you offer employees?


What can you offer your employees that no other employer can? Something sets you apart from your competition. Find that something and put it into words.

A good starting point: offer your international professionals the optimal transfer to their new home!

The most important incentives for new employees

Fair compensation, but…


Fair compensation is a basic requirement for many even to consider a new employer. No top talent who knows their value would work for less. But young professionals and skilled workers are no longer primarily interested in their salary because almost anyone can pay. So in the employer competition, you have to offer more!

Work-life balance


Burnout was yesterday: a healthy work-life balance and good stress management are becoming increasingly important. Work-life balance is an absolute must for many. Enable your employees to plan their careers in a family-conscious and life-phase-oriented manner because future prospects are crucial when choosing a job!

Workplace health promotion


A healthy lifestyle is a vital issue, especially for many employees of the younger generations. Sustainability, healthy nutrition, and regular exercise are important topics to them. You can earn a big plus with strategic health promotion in the company.

Career and training opportunities


Most employees want more than security. They want a career. By opening up opportunities for further training, you also give your employees the chance to move up within the company. In doing so, you lay the foundation for a long-term working relationship. What’s more, investing in the knowledge and skills of your skilled employees always pays off!

Open communication culture


The basis for being perceived as an attractive employer is communication. Keywords here are transparency and respectful interaction. This already applies to applicants: They should be well informed about all aspects of the application process, the first impression remains!




The best employees want to crack the toughest nuts. They want to master extraordinary challenges. They want to be challenged, solve unique problems and receive the appropriate recognition. They always want to push their limits a little higher. So why not literally conquer new territory?


Appreciative work climate


“Employees join companies but leave bosses.” The number one reason for quitting is the direct supervisor. The boss shouldn’t give you nightmares, and the workday shouldn’t feel like a constant competition. An appreciative and encouraging work climate spurs high performance. Common goals are better achieved when employees and supervisors build each other up.

Responsibility and freedom


To reach their full potential, people need freedom and responsibility. Your employees need to be able to make their own decisions and feel safe doing so. No one thrives with someone is looking over their shoulder all day.

Attracting international professionals


There is no universal recipe for increasing employer attractiveness. Instead, needs vary by industry, company size, and target group.

But one thing is guaranteed: If you want to attract foreign specialists successfully, you have to pave the way for them to come to Germany and your company. The big step of pulling up stakes in their home country and moving to a new country is much easier if the transfer is made carefree by a good relocation service.