It’s no secret: an essential factor for corporate success is proper human resources management because employees are a company’s greatest asset. Good HR work must, therefore, be deeply rooted in the company. If too little focus is placed on sustainable HR work, this leads to severe consequences in all areas of the company.


Consequences of inadequate human resources management


Resources are lost

Human resources departments are often limited to talent search to select the right person from a large number of applicants. Of course, this is an important part of the HR department. But the responsibility does not stop there. Once an employee has been found, the real work begins. The next step is a quick and structured onboarding of the employee. Those who do not take care of their employees are wasting resources. Employees need regular feedback and support. This is the only way they have the chance to reach their real potential.

In addition to internal onboarding, international skilled workers in particular need assistance with their international relocation and integration in the new country. For them, not only the job is new, but also everything else. The faster and more professional the relocation process is done, the quicker and more efficiently the employee is available to the company and can develop his or her potential. It makes sense to rely on professional relocation support to avoid mistakes and save time. HereLocation gladly supports the relocation and integration process of your employees in Bonn and the surrounding area.


Employee fluctuation increases

If an exact onboarding process is missing, and a new employee is poorly supported after the application phase, the employee quickly feels dropped and disoriented. His motivation to commit himself to the company in the long term decreases, and high employee turnover is the result. For international employees, this means that they want to return to their home country or even have to go home due to faulty integration processes. If employee turnover is high, a company loses planning reliability and loses a lot of potentials.

For international employees, however, onboarding does not only mean that support is provided within the company. Especially in their private life, foreign specialists face enormous hurdles. Besides work, there are a lot of things to do: they have to find and furnish an apartment, they have to register with various officesexchange their foreign driving license, buy a car, find their way around the new city. Quite a few professionals come to Germany with their families. Then they have to find a kindergarten or a school for the children, maybe a German course or a job for the accompanying partner, to name just a few challenges. HereLocation offers individual support for all these tasks and far beyond so that you can provide your employees with all-round relocation support.


Work motivation declines

Inadequate employee support does not always mean that an employee quits immediately. Many employees first try to find their way around on their own and define their position themselves. In this phase, however, employees are very busy with themselves and their new identity. Concentrated work at full capacity is hardly possible. Here, too, bureaucratic and social requirements make the integration process more difficult for international employees. They are often under time pressure and lack the information they need to complete the process quickly. Overall, this has a negative effect on their willingness to perform because the distraction is too high.

A new employee, who feels well received and appreciated both in the company and in the new country, will enjoy working and show a high level of motivation.


Negative image

Employees always represent their company to the outside world, whether in the professional or private sector. If a supervising HR work and appreciation of the employees is missing, the employee gets a wrong opinion of the company and communicates this outwardly. Word gets around that the company does not care about its employees, and the company profile suffers. If this word-of-mouth propaganda is repeated often, it can lead to the company finding it increasingly difficult to recruit qualified employees. International employees also bring with them an international network and international contacts from which a company can benefit. Poor word-of-mouth propaganda can, therefore, have a broad impact.


Dissatisfied HR department

Due to a lack of responsibility and competence, the human resources department employees also do not feel sufficiently valued. This leads into a negative spiral: dissatisfied HR employees perform inadequate HR work, which leads to loss of resources, fluctuation, loss of performance, and loss of image. Consequently, the company has less and less skilled workers at its disposal because they simply no longer apply to the company. Only through sustainable HR work and the responsibility for employees that this requires can HR professionals reap the fruits of their labor. They can fully exploit the potential of their recruiting work and guarantee the company capable, efficient, and motivated employees.

Holistic human resources management helps avoid a negative spiral and invest intensively in new talents and employees. Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany and the increasing global mobility of workers, it is worthwhile for companies to specifically address the needs of international employees and invest in them. The potential is boundless.

If your company also recruits internationally and you want to show your employees the necessary appreciation in the form of relocation support, HereLocation will gladly assist you every step of the way. Contact us now if you would like to learn more about our extensive services. We look forward to hearing from you!